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Suzie Krueger is an icon within the sex club and fetish scene. Earning herself the title The Queen of Sleaze, Suzie is a powerhouse that has carved a name out for herself in the ultra-masculine, male-dominated world of gay sex clubs and fetish events. Suzie is the person behind the infamous HARD ON Club. This extremely popular club night and sex show brings icons from the gay porn and fetish scenes, alongside social media stars for a night of debauchery, sex, exploration and live sex shows.

I first met Suzie when I was 20 years old working in the Clonezone office and was instantly impressed by her ability to own the room and naturally command respect. She’s a hero of mine, so I jumped at the chance to have a quick chat with her.

So let’s talk…

Hi Suzie! You know this scene inside-out and are at the forefront of the modern sex club moment. We’ve seen you successfully promote Hard On against stiff competition AND the astronomical rise of dating apps. And now you’re about to celebrate your 15th birthday (October 20th at BLOC South) What do you think made HARD ON stand the test of time?

Ahh, why thank you!  Yes, it has been tough at times with fluctuating numbers and changing venues, however, we are so lucky to have a very loyal following that has stuck by us.  Also, my team and I work tirelessly to put on a good night!

Suzie Krueger | The Queen of Sleaze

Was there a particular HARD ON night which stood out for you? Which one was it and why? 

It was at our old popular venue Hidden, Hard On’s 6th birthday in conjunction with porn label Dark Alley Media, it was a truly packed out night with one of the horniest shows ever.  It was actually the busiest Hard On we ever had to this day.

Do people still get surprised when they realise that there’s a woman in charge?  

In charge let alone understanding why a woman is even in the venue!

I get all sorts such as…

“Why is there a woman in here?”

“Are you the door bitch?”

“Is that your husband on the stage doing the sex show?”

…Even worse, I was recently assaulted by a staff member at a club in Paris where we were doing Hard On, he was adamant that I wasn’t allowed in the venue.

What do you hope for someone to experience when they visit HARD ON?

The best fucking night of their life!

Gay Porn icons Yoshi Kawasaki & Dolf Dietrich performing at HARD ON

If you could pick anyone in the world to ‘perform’ at HARD ON, your dream performer, who would it be?  

There was someone who I tried to get years back, Cole Tucker an American iconic porn star in hundreds of films in the late 1990’s

Your dress-code is strict (and very easy to find out about). Do you find that people still turn up and expect the rules to be bent for them?

Yes, sometimes they do and I politely explain our reasons or I just say no!

HARD ON is very popular on Twitter. We see it all over the Clonezone timeline. Do you find that the Twitter generation has introduced a new type of visitor to your nights?

Twitter has been amazing! Bringing a new generation of horny young guys. It’s also a vehicle in which newbies contact us with various questions about Hard On.  Our Twitter following has grown immensely but also, I’m very active on it posting lots of cock photos LOL

WINNER! | Hard On wins best Nude or Fetish Award at the BOYZ Awards 2018

Does anything shock you anymore?

Yes, when customers ask me if I’m straight!!

What does the future hold for the HARD ON brand?

We just want to keep putting on the best fetish/sex parties for many years to cum!

Tell us something about you that not many people know?

I used to be a private investigator, mostly insurance fraud. I also never set out be a fetish club promoter.

Thanks, Suzie! 

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Upcoming HARD ON events:


-Saturday 18th August @ Bloc South

-Saturday 15th September @ Bloc South

Saturday Oct 20  (15th birthday) @ Bloc South

Saturday Nov 17th @ Bloc South

Saturday Dec 15th (XXXMAS Party) @ Bloc South


-Saturday 29th September @ Officina, Padova, Italy

-Thursday 11th October 2018 @ Bunker, Gran Canaria

-Saturday 10th November @ The Boots, Antwerp, Belgium.

I'm Clonezone's PR & Brand Manager. I've worked for CZ since 2009 - where I began in the stores and worked my way up. I know a LOT about sex, sex toys and relationships. I'm also a writer, blogger and sex educator.
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