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TOPHER meets… JAMES a.k.a ‘MOTHER’ from JAMIE HP Fetish Clubs & Sex Parties

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Over the past few months, I have worked closely with James from JAMIE HP. I know James as ‘mother’, as do all of the porn stars that he books to perform at JAMIE HP Events. For those that aren’t aware, JAMIE HP delivers the horny men of London (and those travelling in) a safe space to get naked, have consensual sex and express their deepest fantasies with likeminded guys. Their fetish clubs and parties are very famous in the UK. (Check the full calendar here). But someone needs to be in charge during these nights of debauchery… and that’s where Mother comes in.

What do you do for the JAMIE HP brand?

I have the pleasure of being the Events Manager for Jamie HP. A job that is really fun to do if you love working in the adult entertainment industry. Basically, I have to assist in the running of our weekly events setting them up as well as packing them all away! No-one can ever say that my job is not glamorous. The best part is I get to book all the lovely boys for the live shows; which means that my phone book is full of adult entertainment stars numbers, and you should see my camera roll…

How did you get into it?

I started by working as one of the sexy bar boys at The Hoist when that was our [Jamie HP] stomping ground. When JAMIE HP moved; I took on some additional tasks and the rest, as they say, is just history. Since then my role has evolved greatly.

Mother with Xavier Sibley before a sex-show at JAMIE HP

How did you get the nickname Mother?

So basically as I get to book all of the stars for the shows I started seeing them all as my kids because I would know where they were at any given moment of the day; who they were shooting for, and where they were travelling to. They would call me asking for advice on life and boyfriend drama! After that, I think it was my babes Koby Lewis and Xavier Sibley that started calling me ‘mother’ and its kind of stuck… so now they all do it! Ronnie English starts every conversation with “Mum…”, which I can’t help but laugh at – but I do love them all to the ends of the earth, and would do anything for them.

How do you keep so many big porn characters in line?

PURE SASS! I am known as a tough taskmaster when I want to get things done I do, and there is no messing with mother! They have all learned about the glare, which means let’s get going! I treat all my shows like a full West End performance, so the show must go on and the show must be great. They are all clear about my expectations and I expect the best from them, as I wouldn’t book them if they weren’t good at what they do! James Bennett will tell you, I’m tough to work for.

What happens when a big porn name cancels hours before a show? Has that ever happened and how did you work it out?

Oh, that’s easy! Remember when I said I know where all my boys are at all times? If someone cancels and they haven’t done it before, I can usually get it covered quite seamlessly with little issue. But that doesn’t happen much to be honest, as everyone gets their one-time cancellation…

Behind-the-scenes at JAMIE HP / SBN set up.

What’s an unacceptable way to behave in a JAMIE HP event?

Needy! All of our parties are relaxed and laid-back. We have rules, but due to the nature of our parties you want to be relaxed and you certainly don’t want someone pawing over you and overly touching you. So just ‘keep it cool and the fun will find you’ is my motto.

I remember once after the Prowler Porn Awards, I skidded on a condom on the floor when running through the JAMIE HP area. I love that you provide condoms in your venues for guys that are playing – but what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found left on the floor?

Oooh, now that’s a hard one! I would say after one of our Sunday parties, someone did leave a bag of rather large toys. I did think how on earth did you forget them?!  Because there was some serious kit in that bag. Luckily he claimed it the next day with a slightly red face! Its always the quiet ones is all I’m going to say…

How long does a sex-club clean up take?

We have this down to a fine art now. After we put on our clean-up suits, we can get a venue cleaned and renewed within 60 mins, utilising our great team. The funny thing our customers don’t always know is that the same people that get stuck in and clean up at the end of the night, are the ones they know from the events! It’s a team effort but we have a great team and we all muck in.

Mother with a couple of her babies.

Lots of people have very ‘choice’ opinions about sex clubs. What do you have to people that disagree with the idea of JAMIE HP?

If you don’t agree with it you probably shouldn’t come. But if you want to try it before judging it, then you are more then welcome to come to visit us! We try our best to cater for a mix of people and we always welcome feedback from any of our customers. As I can’t run events If I don’t know what you want.

What’s the rest of the year looking like for the JAMIE HP brand?

In one word: ‘busy’. It’s going to be non-stop from here until the end of the year. I have already started to plan the Christmas party! We have some new nights coming up and some themed specials. Keep your eye on the website for the latest information and as always, my Twitter page is going to contain all of the information you need.

We worked together for Pride and you helped keep me sane. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have lost my mind. What was your favourite moment of the Pride in London parade and evening?

Working with you and the rest of the Clonezone team was amazing. Thank you for having me! My favourite moment, I would say, was the walking to the parade with all the guys dressed in next-to-nothing and stopping traffic. I felt like a tour guide! All I needed was an umbrella to get them to follow me as Yoshi, Daniel, Ashley and co. were all walking at different speeds, so I was running backwards and forwards (in full unicorn attire and glitter) keeping track! But I got them there minus late Max, but he got there in the end!  Plus, obvs working with my sister-in-sleaze Topher!

Mother surrounded by her boys and the Clonezone crowd during Pride | Photo by Hannah Dingle

Do you find people make assumptions about you because of your job?

Yes, they assume that I’m always getting action. I can assure you that I am not. I wish I was, but that luxury is not mine. I am behind the scenes most of the time so no time for play! Its quite funny, my sister describes me as a modern-day house madam!

Tell me something about yourself that you’d like people to know?

I’m really, really pretty! Oh no not that, it’s that I am always looking for newcomers to the industry, and I would welcome anyone to send me a message on twitter if they thought the adult industry was something they wanted to get into. I will always respond. Come down watch one of the shows, tweet me, and you can call me mother too!

You can follow James (Mother) on Twitter here. Keep up-to-date with JAMIE HP’s upcoming events by clicking here.

Clonezone are proud sponsors of all JAMIE HP events, dressing the performers each week. It’s a privillege to work with such a fabulous company. Seen the JAMIE HP boys wearing something you like? You’ll find it at Clonezone. You can always reach out to us, or to Mother with your questions. 

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