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Product Focus: Titus Silicone Series Ribbed Butt Plug at CLONEZONE

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We are really excited about the newest addition to our incredible range of Anal Toys at Clonezone: The Silicone Series Ribbed Butt Plug. This new sex toy for men comes in 3 size options (Small, Medium & Large) or, if you’re feeling hungry, an Anal Training Kit (3 Pack) – select the level of filling that you want.

This beautifully tapered Anal Plug has been designed by the experts here at CZ, to deliver pleasure and the perfect ‘full’ feeling. The plug looks quite simple, but a lot of thought has been put into the little details. Let me take this opportunity to explain those details to you.


3-SOME | The gorgeous plugs come in modern and sophisticated packaging

3-SOME | The gorgeous plugs come in modern and sophisticated packaging


The Shape:

You’ll find that most Butt Plugs are tapered into a triangular ‘point’. Our Butt Plug is more rounded and bulb-like. This is to prepare your hole to take MORE in a shorter amount of time, with less effort and less stress on your anus. The rounded shape encourages your hole to ‘swallow’ it’s shape, right down to the ribbed neck.

You’ll feel the difference when you first insert these bad boys.

The Ribbed Neck:

We chose to put these cute little ribs on the neck (of your new favourite sex-toy), as it stimulates the most sensitive part of your anus. The opening of your hole will naturally clench and release against these ribs as you wear the plug, moving the plug gently back-and-forth – therefore stimulating you.

Test it out by clenching and releasing your hole with the plug inside. This sensation is similar to being gently fingered. These plugs are IDEAL to be worn during masturbation. Or giving head. Or both?

The Flared Base:

You’ll notice that the base of this plug is gently flared upwards on either side. This helps the plugs naturally contour to your body shape whilst you’re wearing them. We recommend wearing the plug so the flares face in front and behind you, resting on your perineum and on your crack.

The Silicone:

Your new favourite Butt Plug is made from velvety-smooth, medical grade silicone. This sumptuous black material is both, supple and firm. When the plug pops into your hole, the firm material delivers pressure straight away – waking up your anus, prostate and your cock. Wait and see.

The Size Options:

We chose to create our Plugs in 3 sizes, giving you the option to train your hole, suit your ability, or just suit your mood for that day. With our carefully selected size options, you can gradually upgrade your plug from Small, through to Medium, and then finally onto Large.

Our holes are very sensitive spots, so sometime’s it’s best to have all three. This is why we provide the Anal Trainer Kit – which collectively saves you money.


The Titus Silicone Series Butt Plugs | 3 Size Options

The Titus Silicone Series Butt Plugs | 3 Size Options


How do they measure up?

Small | Dimensions:
Circumference at Widest Point – 5 inches
Insertable Length – 3.2 inches
Ribs Length – 0.4 inches

Medium | Dimensions
Circumference at Widest Point – 5.8 inches
Insertable Length – 4.1 inches
Ribs Length – 0.5 inches

Large | Dimensions:
Circumference at Widest Point – 6.6 inches
Insertable Length – 5 inches
Ribs Length – 0.5 inches

What Lube should I use?

As our plugs are made with silicone, you should only use them with Water-Based Lube. We recommend SPIT to Reactivate Water Based Lube. 

Do not use silicone or oil based lube with this kit, as it’ll damage the silicone and will eventually ruin your toy.

How do I clean them?

Using luke-warm water and a sex toy cleaning spray [Click here for the one I recommend]. Begin by coating the plug in the spray and leave to activate and kill germs for around 30 seconds. Then begin to wipe the Plug with a cloth and water. Rinse and repeat until all residue and/or lube has gone.

Finish off by rinsing it off under a stream of warm tap water. Leave to dry completely before storing. Your toy will be good as new, until next time…


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Got any questions about the Titus Silicone Series Plugs?

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