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PRODUCT REVIEW: Titus Remote Controlled PUPPY TAIL Pro Vibrating Butt Plug | by Pup MOTO

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We were very upset when our resident pup at Clonezone Soho, MOTO, informed us that he was leaving us to go back to his native France. With his shrewd sense of humour, sharp wit and lovable personality, MOTO had become an irreplaceable part of the CZ family – and we didn’t want to let him go! As an expert in Puppy Play and a Pup himself, I asked him to review the Titus Puppy Tail PRO Butt Plug for us. This Silicone Series butt-plug is rechargeable, remote-controlled and made from gorgeous materials. But I wanted approval from the experts. 

Take it away, Moto…

Hello! My name is Moto and I used to be Clonezone Soho’s Pup Congeniality (just ask my colleagues, I was adorable. The best boi. 100/100 certified. Best in Show). You know, when people realise that I’m French, they tend to think I’m going to be an asshole. That’s just my people’s reputation. Are they wrong? That’s not the subject. As a pup though, I do love plug tails (see the asshole transition there ?) and Titus has always been one of my favourite brands for tails. Because of their size and texture, which makes them easy to insert and really comfortable, I believe they are the best choice for puppy play beginners. But… I’m not a beginner anymore. Although, when I heard about the new Puppy Tail PRO and its remote control vibrating plug while it was still in development, I was immediately interested, and wanted to try it. And guess what, I did.

You know, the thing with puppy tails is that there are already quite a few options on the market. Oxballs, for example, use a slightly different plug shape for more comfort, and their largest size is gigantic, SquarePeg has different shapes for the tail itself, which is going to make it waggier or just sit behind your legs, but it was the first time I ever heard about a remote controlled vibrating tail plug.

Best Pup in Town | Pup MOTO in custom latex

Believe me. I LOVE being plugged. To me, there’s nothing that is going to get me in my pup-space more than that feeling when the plug finally gets into place, and I’m sure every pup who reads this knows what I’m talking about. It’s just fantastic. Although, after a while in, I have to admit that the tail loses a bit of its interest to me. So when we got to try the Titus Silicone Series Puppy Tail PRO with my partner, I was really excited. First of all, it exists in Small and Medium, which was quite an annoyance for me as I’m used to Large tails, but I was ready to give it a chance.

The Titus Puppy Tail PRO is made of medical grade silicone and is really soft in your hands. I don’t always love silicone toys because sometimes they already don’t feel good in your hands, depending on the silicone quality, and you’re not necessarily looking forward putting them in your behind. I didn’t feel that way with this tail plug. I also don’t love silicone lubricant with silicone toys, so I always use a water-based lubricant when using toys. My two favourite brands are Swiss Navy (especially the one with the green label, ALL NATURAL), and ID Glide. They don’t use glycerin, which I’m very sensitive to, and are completely odourless.

PRO | rechargeable, remote-controlled and features various vibration settings.

Once the tail is in, the ribbed base of the plug provides great pleasure at the entrance and also allows the tail to sit more comfortably.  The remote is really easy to understand and use. You can keep the power button pressed to turn it on and to turn it off. No need to use the button on the tail (unless you like a bit more pressure from behind, who am I to judge). You can navigate between the 10 vibration modes very easily, and from different angles (you don’t have to face the sensor for the tail to work).

The Puppy Tail PRO plug can vibrate in ten different manners, (it bears repeating) and there is fun for everyone. From simple vibrations, weaker or stronger, a really nice thrust effect vibration that reminds me a bit of the Fun Factory toys, and that you can make faster or slower, and my favourite, a graduating vibration, that goes from very smooth to pure vibrating pleasure in a few seconds. The fact that you can escalate the vibrations with a simple press on the remote makes the Puppy Tail Pro a great pleasure tool at any time during your puppy play sessions. From very smooth at the beginning or when you want your pup to take a little break to real mindblowing pleasure when your pup has been a good boy and deserves a treat (and your pup deserves treats, you hear me ?)

Who’s a good boy? Would you give PUP MOTO scritches?

Now that you had your fun, it’s time to clean your brand new Puppy Tail Pro. Usually, cleaning vibrating toys can be a bit of a hassle because they tend to dislike water. The Puppy Tail Pro is entirely waterproof and can be washed really easily, go ahead and toss it (gently) in the dishwasher with your dildos. If you’re not that extra, just clean it gently (but thoroughly) with some warm water and a good toy cleaner and leave it to dry. I would recommend the Nexus Wash toy Cleaner for that.

As for recharging it, You will only need to charge it for 4 hours to get a whole hour and a half of fun with it. The magnetic charger just needs to be put in place behind the plug, and you’ll be good to go for another session in a few hours. In the meantime, why don’t you feed your pup and take him for walkies? Good boys love walkies.

The Titus PUPPY TAIL PRO: Vibrating Butt Plug is available in two sizes; Small and Medium from Clonezone. If you want to try the non-vibrating version, then select the Puppy Tail Plug is available in Small, Medium and Large

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