Where it all began…….

Did you know that we have been in business since 1982?

Founded by four close friends who were frustrated at the lack of quality adult products available to the gay community, Clonezone first appeared on the gay scene as a wheelbarrow filled with t.shirts, sex toys and lubricant that was pushed around the pubs and clubs of London!

Amazed at the response and loyal customer base, the first store was opened inside of the legendary gay pub, Brompton’s in Earl’s Court and its early customers included some very famous gay superstars who of course we cannot mention.

As popularity grew, the first dedicated Clonezone store opened in Earl’s Court, which was shortly followed by three more in Soho, Manchester and Birmingham. Gay icons such as Lily Savage, Sue Pollard and Kenny Everett all celebrated with us and cut the ribbon.

Clonezone fast became an integral part of the gay scene, during a risky time for the LGBT community in the UK and provided customers with news of local gay venues and a safe place to shop for the hottest fashion, toys, porn and much more.
Clonezone has continued this philosophy right up until today but you can now find us online too with the cool Clonezone.co.uk website. We have continued to move with the times by keeping up with the latest and greatest in adult products and fashion and you can now follow us on Twitter and Facebook too to ensure you don’t miss out!


Fun Facts about Clonezone


  • Clonezone was the FIRST adult gay store in the UK.
  • Clonezone was the FIRST Company in the UK to import Levi 501 jeans direct from America, despite Levi’s anticipating there was “no interest” in 501s in the UK.
  • Our bespoke leather designs have been included in exhibitions at the V&A museum
  • The red PVC thongs from ‘The Full Monty’ came from Clonezone