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HALLOWEEN 2018 at Clonezone: Ideas & Suggestions

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Stuck for a Halloween outfit? Just want an excuse to be sexy? Let’s see if we can help. October 31st is a lot of fun; whether you want to be sexy, scary or just strange. Dress to impress with some of my suggestions that could help elevate your outfit, or give a plain outfit a fetish edge.

Don’t let the cynical folk get to you. If you’re just looking for an excuse to get your skin out – DO IT! Life is short. And of course, we can help you in that department. If you’ve been working hard in the gym or just feeling thirsty – DO IT! And show us!

As you may well know, most of our gear is kinky or kink-inspired. We aren’t suggesting that appropriating a fetish is a costume; but we are aware that whenever there is a dress-up event like Sink The PinkTorture Garden or Halloween, lots of people descend upon our gorgeous shops looking for fun XXX-cessories to kink up their ‘Hallows Eve’ sex appeal. Plus, you can keep this gear for future play time or visits to sex clubs such as Hard On, Trough or even for next years Fetish Week London.

So, let’s go…

CAMO? | Think G.I Joe, Army, Action Man etc.

The army look is a quintessentially sexy look. You can be built, slim, stocky or cuddly and look great in army print. You can layer a harness over a khaki business shirt; match up a collar, forearm guard and singlet, or accessorise a Halloween shop G.I. Joe outfit. Grab some ‘oil’ face paint and hey presto – Army lad.

NEON? | Futuristic? Tron? Robot?

We love neon at the moment, as do our customers. Neon is always a great choice for Halloween as it’s daring, eye-catching and really gets you noticed. Plus, if you’re heading to a club with a UV Blacklight then you will literally be glowing. Some stand-out ideas come from Breedwell, as the LED gear quite literally glows. Alternatively, create a neon outfit in shades of fluro pink, green, yellow, orange and more from us.

DARK & SEXY | Kink, BDSM & Leather

This is quite a popular choice for Halloween, and the best thing about it is it’ not exclusively ‘Halloween-y’ so you can keep it for future wear. Dark and sexy with lots of straps, buckles, and D-rings suggests an interest in BDSM and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Maybe just throw on some body paint, splatter fake-blood and put some creepy contact lenses in to be sexy ‘aNd SpOoKy’.

If you wear a Clonezone gear for Halloween 2018, be sure to tag @clonezoneUK so we can see.

We will pick one costume on Monday 5th November and gift you a £75 to use in your Clonezone store of choice.

If you can’t make up your mind – visit a Clonezone store. Our incredible store staff are always happy to walk you through your options, plus it gives you the opportunity to try different things on for size… and even try things you wouldn’t have thought to order online.

If you have any questions or are stuck for inspiration – shoot us an email on [email protected] and we can discuss!

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