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DOXY Massage Wands & Nexus Sex Toys: A match made in Heaven

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Nexus and Doxy are two of our favourite brands – specialists in internal and external pleasure, respectively, you can’t beat the rumbling stimulation of a Doxy on your outside parts or the precise, internal pleasure offered by the Nexus range. So when these two titans of the industry combine forces, It stands to reason that the results are *spectacular*.

The new range of Doxy-compatible Nexus attachments are going to have you blowing much more than your mind – with four attachments to choose from, there are options for whatever you’re working with. The attachments are an open-ended stroker sleeve, a prostate massager, a clitoral stimulator and a rabbit-style stimulator.



These attachments screw on to the Doxy Number 3 in place of its classic dome attachment. Simply twist the knob till it comes off and then replace it with the attachment of your choice! The screw-top technology ensures that your toy stays attached, no matter how hard you’re playing, and makes it easy to remove when you’re finished.

The two external options are made of high-quality poured silicone in a pearlescent navy. The soft, flexible silicone used in these toys uses different levels of density for the best possible experience, with the pliable silicone of the outer tube contrasting with the slightly denser inner ridges, maximising your penile pleasure. The stroker toy is a 4 1/2inch silicone tube with a ridged interior that’ll stimulate the head and shaft of your cock, transferring the deep, rumbly vibrations of the Doxy all through your cock – and whilst the tube may not be full-shaft length, it’s got enough space to fit the tips of both you and your partners cocks together, so you can share the sensation!

The clitoral toy features a dual-density top node for targeted, focused stimulation and a soft ridge for those seeking a more gentle, fluttering feeling on their clitoris.

The internal options are made of denser, firmer silicone, which helps them to transmit the intense Doxy vibrations deep into your body without losing any of that rumbly pleasure! The rabbit attachment boasts a deep, carefully curved shape based on the Nexus Cadence and featuring its special G-spot nodule.

The prostate attachment is based on the iconic Revo range, with the nodules for perennial stimulation and the carefully moulded shape for maximal prostate pounding joy, which will be familiar to any connoisseur of Nexus’ products – but this time, with the power of a Doxy behind it!

Click here to browse the DOXY X NEXUS collaboration at Clonezone.

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