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DOUCHING 101: A guide to preparing for anal play by Luke D

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DOUCHING 101: What, why, and how.

Douching is one of those bits of sexual preparation that, whilst not essential, often makes things a little easier for all concerned. In essence, it’s the act of squirting water up your butt to clean the way before anal sex – shit happens, sure, but minimising the odds of it happening always makes me a little less paranoid when I bottom.

Douching itself is actually pretty simple, and there are two main methods – bulb and showerhead. This guide is going to run you through both of them – though it’s a pretty self-explanatory process, there are a few tips and tricks it’s always beneficial to know.

Bulb douches are more portable and a little easier to use, but the process takes a little longer than with a shower.

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Find yourself a loo with a sink (for bulb douching) or a bathroom with a shower and toilet (for showerhead). Make sure there’s loo roll, and that everything works. Next, get your chosen method ready.


Bulb douches will need a sink full of lukewarm water, while shower douches will need, you guessed it, a shower.

For the bulb douche, take out the nozzle and submerge the bulb. Squeeze the air out so the bulb sucks up the water, then reattach the nozzle.

For a shower douche, you’ll want to unscrew the showerhead and fix on the douche attachment in its place, then make sure the water is lukewarm and running at a low-to-medium pressure.

Apply some lube to your anus if you feel the need to, as it can ease the initial entry of the douche.


This bit is probably the simplest – for bulb douches, insert the nozzle into your anus as deeply as you feel comfortable with, then squeeze the bulb. Once you’ve emptied the bulb, keep it squeezed – if you release the pressure on it whilst the nozzle is still inside you it’ll suck all the water back in, as well as whatever else is in your butt at the time. This is an undesirable outcome.

For shower douches, simply ensure the water is of an amenable temperature and pressure, then slide it up your butt till you feel like you’re full of water.

Once you’ve filled up on water, it’s time to squirt it out, so waddle yourself over to the loo and push out the water. Then simply repeat the process until the water runs clear and you feel comfortable and confident – easy!

Note: Over-douching can upset the bacteria lining your gut, so make sure you don’t do it too long or too often. Healthy bowels are happy bowels!

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Luke is a sex educator & writer with a background in the history of pornography and human sexuality. With years of experience working in the sex toy industry, he's fielded all sorts of questions and knows all sorts of tips and tricks. Got a question you want answered? Email him at [email protected]

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