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Clonezone and KU Bar celebrate London LGBT Pride 2015: Pride Heroes

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The theme for London LGBT Pride 2015 was Pride Heroes, so Clonezone invited ex-veteran turned male model and social media star Alex Minsky, to join us for the day. We collaborated with the incredible team (run by Nieko) at the award-winning Ku Bar. We named our collaboration #CZKU and dominated social media across gay London.

Alex Minsky signing a pair of Jack Adams briefs in CZ SOHO after the parade

Alex Minsky signing a pair of Jack Adams briefs in CZ SOHO after the parade

The parade took place on 27th June 2015. The CZ team were at the store from 6am preparing our HUGE black Big Rig truck for the parade. We attached Clonezone flags, balloons to the vehicle whilst the fabulous team at Ku Bar attached their incredible sound-system, that played a mix of crowd pleasing classics and dance tracks. It was a little bit stressful (we wont lie) but eventually we got the truck decorated, our luggage en-route and left.


The Clonezone Big Rig parked outside of CZ Soho prior to dominating the parade in central London.

The truck then drove over to Baker Street where we met with our colourful motley crew of KU Bar’s gorgeous bar boys, adult performers, models, the team from Chariots Gay Saunas, drag collective Haus Bound, The London Rubber Pups, The London Furs community and MORE. We got the crowd pumped by playing our KU Bar mix and eventually took off into the streets of London around 3pm.

There was lots of skin on show…


Kieron Knight, Jack Green, Kayden Gray, Tyson Tyler, Rhys Evans, Kit Wilde, Spencer and Riley Tess

..Colourful, vibrant characters…

The London Furs community, wrapped in red silk Clonezone sashes.

The London Furs

…the gorgeous Alex Minsky (He’s better in person)…

Waiting in the truck for Pride to begin

Alex Minsky

…glitter and rainbows…

Colby Parker turned up in full body rainbow glitter and wore Marco Marco Undewear from CZ

Colby Parker

…the beautiful Ku Bar boys…

The team from KU Bar

KU Bar

…the HausBound drag collective…

Eppie, Carl, Ruben and Luke joined Clonezone


…daring, attention-grabbing behaviour…


Jack Green and Kayden Gray watch Mickey Taylor twerk with Rhys Evans.

…Pups and handlers…


A  gorgeous pup and his handler

…Plenty of booty…

Ricardo Prince

Ricardo Prince

…we were a vibrant bunch, to say the least…

Motley crew

Motley crew

…and we CAN’T WAIT to do it all again next year.

Kayden and Juan

Kayden and Juan

After the parade ended, Alex Minsky made an appearance at Clonezone SOHO where he signed images and Jack Adams underwear. He posed happily for selfies with customers, showing off his signature big grin. Lots of people in-and-around Soho were surprised (and excited) that Alex was there and he was eating up the attention.

Alex signing in-store

Alex signing in-store

All-in-all, it was an incredible day that gave us the opportunity to celebrate our freedoms and Pride with our customers, colleagues and friends. Thank you for making us the UK’s favourite gay retailer.

You can view the full photo albums of the day by clicking here, here and here

Watch the video of Clonezone during London LGBT Pride by clicking here

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