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Bathmate Sex Toys at Clonezone

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Bathmate are one of our favourite brands at Clonezone, we love their some ‘self-love in the tub (or the shower) philosophy‘!

These water-based wizards of pleasure are best known for their groundbreaking shower pumps, using hydro-pressure for a unique cock-pumping experience that can lead to permanent dick size increases (as you can see on the Twitter page of our very own @DickBakerXXX)

Our very down DICK BAKER using his Bathmate

But that’s not all they do! Using those brilliant Bathmate brains they’ve innovated on an old classic – the bulb douche. Bathmate’s Hydro Rocket model uses special “No return” valve technology, so any water you squirt out STAYS out. This makes douching a doddle – and means you can do it without worrying about backwash!

HYDRO ROCKET Douche with Non-Return Valve | 325ml

If the idea of getting wet is really your vibe, you’ll love the new bullet vibes from Bathmate – designed to be 100% waterproof and submersible, they’re great bath mates for an extra enjoyable bath. Click here for Silver and Click here for Black. And if the combination of Bathmate and Vibrations is your kind of thing, we’re delighted to introduce the new Hydrovibe, which enhances the Bathmate’s signature cock-growing hydro suction with the satisfying rumble of those good vibrations!

HYDRO VIBE Pump Addition | Silicone Sleeve with 2 x Bullet Vibrators

Not satisfied with changing the face of cock pumps forever, Bathmate have also branched out into other toys – they’ve got a sleek, sexy set of butt plugs in three sizes that make for a perfect training set! With ring grips at the base for easy use during play, you can also slip in one of the new Bathmate Bullet Vibes for a serious buzz!

With all the great new toys Bathmate have brought out, it’s only fitting that these hydro-powered toys have something to keep them squeaky clean – and Bathmate have provided their own special blend of toy cleaner, to keep your gear spick and span once you’ve used it, keeping all your play hygienic – no matter how dirty you get!

Click here to shop Bathmate at Clonezone.

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