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WILLIAM WILDE Latex arrives at Clonezone

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CZ meets the WILDE range.

Clonezone are proud to introduce our super stylish collaboration with world-famous latex designer, William Wilde. William is famous for his cutting edge, form-fitting and beautifully tailored pieces for both men and women.  Each piece is cut and glued only from the best quality latex sheeting and so achieve perfect results every time.


His unique pieces have been worn by everyone from pop icon Kylie Minogue to Miley Cyrus.

We are excited to seduce Clonezone customers with William’s ultra-sexy XXX men’s rubber wear. You won’t see pieces like this anywhere else. Williams’s attention to detail and luxurious quality latex assure you look as sexy as you feel.


The attention to detail is apparent in the quality of these beautiful pieces. From the flawless bonding to the contoured pouches for your goodies, the WILDE range truly deliver sexy sensations. In a selection of coloured prints and super sexy to the touch, these pants are the perfect gift.

The WILDE range blends fetish and fashion PERFECTLY. You’ll find a brief or jock in this range for you – whether you want to show off at the club, the dungeon or drive men wild in the bedroom.  From the sleek and sexy black styles through to the boxing inspired USA prints, this range is guaranteed to turn heads and stiffen…

Do you dare to go WILDE?



Care of Latex

For those of you new to buying and wearing latex/rubber clothing, below are a few pointers to help you care for your pieces.

When your garment arrives it will appear matt and have a talcy covering, this is to finish the garment, seal the glue, and is the best way to send out items as they will be folded in the post.

You may choose to wear your latex/rubber like this, ie non-shiny, but if you want to shine up your latex you can use a silicone polish or spray. The spray will give the more ‘POW’-y result but is best applied as the garment is worn, the polish is usually blue and is worked into the garment flat with a lint-free cloth.

As you put your garment on for the first time, it will be lightly talced inside which will help, you may wish to use more talc, or alternatively a latex friendly dressing aid/lube will really help slide into the garment if it’s rather tight or doesn’t have a zip. A little applied to the skin and inside the garment will make all the difference!

Be careful when dressing with jewellery and long nails as the rubber can tear, so try not to dig fingers in. Pale coloured latex can also discolour so avoid contact with make-up, fake tan, jewellery etc.

To launder your latex, use a little gentle soap in luke warm water, move the garment around in it so that the water moves in and around the garment, attempt to remove stains with your fingertips. Then wash in clean luke warm water, you may wish to repeat this to be sure to remove any soap. Leave your garment to drip dry in the shower or over a bath for long enough that it is completely dry inside and out. You can then talc the inside and polish the outside to keep the rubber moisturised.

Latex will melt in heat and can discolour in sunlight, so avoid storing (or drying) on/near a radiator or in a window, in a wardrobe is perfect! Also hang as flatly as possible to avoid creasing. Kept like this your latex clothing will be durable and ready to wear again and again and again! For further info or advise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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