Prostate Massage: A CZ guide on how to use YOUR P-Spot!


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At Clonezone, we think that it’s a shame that so many men don’t explore (or even know about) the pleasure associated with prostate massage. This internal, intense form of anal play works as part of solo and also group/couple play.

Some men thank their prostate for changing their sex lives completely.

Your prostate gland serves as an extra-sensitivity spot that increases the pleasure associated with both anal sex and masturbation. You’ll absolutely notice the difference when you cum.

A good way to know how to find your P-spot is when you play with your fingers or toys, curve your finger into a ‘C’ shape. Make the front tip of the C face OUTWARDS of your body. – you’ll suddenly notice there’s a spot that when you push it, you’ll feel like you need to wee or a sharp tingling sensation similar to that feeling.

Congratulations! You’ve found your P-Spot. Now, the fun begins.

(It can take you a while to find. Be patient. You’ll find it, I promise).

Image by John R Foster.
The prostate gland highlighted in ORANGE.                        Image by John R Foster.

We recommend starting with a smaller toy. Always start small with anal play. Just because a toy might LOOK small… that doesn’t mean it’ll feel small. Trust us.Though if you are used to anal toys, we reckon you’ll know what you’re able to handle. We aren’t here to patronise, just help you cum. At Clonezone we provide an extensive range of P-Spot toys at varying prices and with varying features.

Have a look at the range, read the product descriptions and select something best suited for you. Our selection from Nexus Range and Rocks Off have been best-sellers since day one. Simply add your favourite water based lube and you’re ready to go. Prostate Massagers use the rounded tip to push against the gland. Some vibrate, some girate and twist and some simply stay sturdy for your hands to do the work. At Clonezone we have something for everyone. Each Prostate toy has a bulbous head designed especially for your anal pleasure.

We’ve always considered the Prostate Massager to be the men’s ‘Rampant Rabbit’. This being that they are all singing, all dancing pleasure devices with unique design features to make you feel great.

Some men can reach orgasm through Prostate stimulation ONLY. This doesn’t happen for everyone, but the more you use your P-Spot – the better you learn to master its hidden pleasures. We always recommend being gentle with your prostate and always using a good amount of good quality lube. Insert your toy slowly, be patient – there’s no rush. Take advantage of solid toys firm material, vibrating toys massaging features and any soft toys texture. A lot of thought has gone into these toys design, so make sure that you put them to work!

Nexus Prostate Massager
Nexus Revo Stealth Prostate Massager. Available at and all CZ stores.

Prostate Toys are especially fun when being used whilst masturbating or having your penis pleasured by a partner. The mix of the internal and external sensations feels incredible. Some men say that since discovering their prostates and how to take advantage of its position, their sex lives have improved drastically.

We stock a huge range of Prostate Toys, all of which are hand selected by the CZ team to deliver the best results.

COMING SOON – A CZ guide to turn his dick into a Prostate Massager.

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