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Nexus ACE Large Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control Review – Jack Mitchell

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From the outside the Nexus Ace has minimalistic, masculine packaging, you don’t need a degree or a pair of scissors to open the box and it’s not heavy on wasted plastic or anything like that, the goods are presented very nicely inside.

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“Slow and steady wins the race”

The plug itself feels very much so like silk, VERY soft to touch, a high quality finish and it’s extremely easy to clean and to charge, you get a USB cable with it that clips on and charges it, you get about 240 minutes of play time when fully charged which is plenty of time. It’s waterproof so you could use it in the shower, bath or neighbors hot tub.

Ease of going in; Slow and steady wins the race, I used the Nexus Slide lubricant which is a water based lubricant that is recommended to use with the Nexus Ace, I prefer this water-based lube to others that I have tried previously as it has a thicker consistency so you don’t end up in a real mess, it’s not sticky and it’s odorless, you really want to avoid using silicone based lubricants otherwise it fucks up the silky feel of the toy.
It took quite a bit of relaxing the hole first, you can use your fingers or a toy whatever gets you relaxed, for me it was some fingers and other personal preparations. I can imagine if you are experienced in fisting or large dildo play that it would be an easy toy to insert, but I am neither into being fisted or into animal sized dildos, yet I am fully capable of handling a package on the larger side of extra large so I knew I could handle this.


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Ace comes with a sleek remote control

“I found that squeezing and releasing my hole while it was on a vibe setting is an extremely similar feeling to getting rimmed “

The diameter of the plug in comparison to the stem feels really amazing when your hole gets past the largest point and starts to takes all of it, the second you turn on the vibe it feel very intense, in the greatest possible way. I spent a good 30 minutes playing with the different vibe settings at first, for me the hardest pulse setting was my favorite but alternating between them was really pleasurable as well.

Once it was inside and I had played with some of the settings, I found that squeezing and releasing my hole while it was on a vibe setting is an extremely similar feeling to getting rimmed which is my weakness so I that was a highlight for me.

You could DEFINITELY wear this to a bar or out to a club and still be very discreet about having it in, unless you were sat down on a seat in public, then possibly the vibration can be heard depending on the venue, I tried and tested it on a hard seat in my apartment and it sounded like a phone ringing on vibrate on a counter top, but in a club no one would hear or know.
I can not stress enough how comfortable it is when inside, which has been my main problem with plugs in the past, this is by far the best fit of plug I have come across.
It doesn’t feel uncomfortable when walking around, it fits nicely, it doesn’t feel like it will fall out at all, the stem is ribbed which feels really nice too, so 10 out of 10 in my eyes for the design of the plug.

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Smooth control button at the base

“Desirable for that kind of long-term dominance usage”

I would highly recommend this to Doms and Masters as I see it being used in a setting where the Sub or Slave has no control over the settings which is really exciting, the inserting of the plug would be a fun thing for the Master or Dom to see the sub squirming and would allow play time before the use of it, I could very easily imagine using this in conjunction with a chastity device for total anal and genital control (or lack of), also because of the ability to wear this when out and about makes it more desirable for that kind of long-term dominance usage.

Of course that is not it’s only use or audience though, It would also be great for guys who prefer a more intense play, the plug can be set off with the remote but also at the base of the plug, for me personally I loved the ease of using the remote in comparison to having to fumble and finger around all lubed up to find a switch or a dial like other toys. This size of the Nexus Ace is definitely not for the first-timers or curious bottoming newbies, and if you are a curious bottoming newbie I would recommend getting the smaller size down (Nexus Ace Medium) which is 1.5” in diameter as opposed to 2” making it more manageable.

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Tapered shape and pleasure ribbing

“The design is brilliant and fit is perfect, the vibration on it is out of this world”

I must admit at first I was nervous when pulling it out, like with most plugs, obviously it goes from thin to thick quite quickly, but it actually wasn’t so bad. My main advice when using this toy which is very important, would be to definitely take your time to warm up before hand, make sure you are really relaxed and loosened up so that on the way in and out it’s easy.
All in all, it is great value for money, for the high quality and fun you get from it, it’s well worth £70 and I am surprised it’s not priced higher to be honest.
The design is brilliant and fit is perfect, the vibration on it is out of this world, the only negative I could find is that you need time to relax to put it in and I am very impatient, so it’s not a shove in and go kind of toy, but that isn’t really such a negative as you get to spend time playing with yourself before using it.

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