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Kit Wilde reviews…. the Titus Silicone Series | Ribbed Butt Plug 3 Pack: Anal Training Kit

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The first thing you need to know about this anal training kit. Is it just that! A training kit for your anus.

Now, this doesn’t sound like anything new or impressive, however, let’s take into consideration that before the Titus Silicone Series: Anal Training Butt Plug Kit the average ‘ training kit’ contained what can only be described as silicone carrots sticks. Great for making your straight colleague blush during secret Santa, yet completely pointless at actually helping to train your ass to take a dick.

“Because let’s face it if you want to train yourself to take a couple of fingers awesome, however, if you want to train your ass to more easily and more comfortably take a dick, this is the kit for you.”

The beautiful people at Titus took a look at the affordable plugs currently available on the market and clearly said no, enough is enough and built this * points at the kit *. Let’s take a closer look at the plugs included in this kit. The small plug has 3.2 insertable inches and a circumference at its widest point of 5 inches. The medium plug is an inch bigger with 4.1 inches of insertable length and a circumference at its widest point of 5.8 inches, finally the large boasts an insertable length of 5 inches a circumference at its widest point of 6.6 inches.

Each beautifully designed plug features a gentle, tapered shape rather similar to an egg that makes them ideal for preparing for anal sex, prostate massage or for practice using larger anal sex toys.


TheKITin question, as reviewed by Kit.


Now a little recap of the basics, these plugs are 100% silicone, therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not use a silicone based lube whilst using these plugs instead use a good water based lube like KAMIKAZE ANGEL Luxe Lube Aqua, plus the bottle looks like a grenade how cool is that?

So let’s crack on (pardon the pun) the key to any decent toy lies in a stylish design made from a high-quality silicone, rubber or vinyl these plugs supply both in ample amounts making them feel incredibly smooth which in turn allows for a far easier and gentler insertion.

“The super smooth finish means you don’t get any sharp edges that could scratch the delicate lining of the anal canal.”

Another strong selling point for this amazing product is the strong, thick, wide base, acting as a stopper for the plug. The last thing you want is for the plug or any toy for that matter to go too deep, or get stuck because that leads to a very embarrassing trip to A&E to get it removed.

“Having used all three of these plugs, I can honestly say this is the best, easiest to use anal training product I have ever used.”

However when looking at any anal play it is important to remember that each body is different, the key is to listen to yours. Some people can only remain comfortable with a plug in place for a few moments when first starting out but I know some people who have used a plug comfortably for hours.

Whichever camp you fall into it is perfectly okay, If you rush or force your body to do something it doesn’t want to or is not ready to do – you can seriously damage yourself.

The more relaxed you are going into it the easier you’ll find the insertion, if you’re stressed or tense believe me your body will be to and no amount of lube will help you in that situation. If you feel yourself tensing up. Stop. Straight away, go no further, if you have any of the plugs inside you slowly and gently remove it, then rest your body, it makes take 2 minutes it may take 2 hours.

As I’ve said before, listen to your body, the last thing you want is to rush and to damage or tear the tissue to your anal canal. It could lead to scarring, loss of sensitivity and ultimately loss of enjoyment and no-one wants that? practice makes perfect and at the end of the day if at first you don’t succeed try again.. and again… and again!

“Play safe. Love each other and love yourself.”

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