Jack Adams Shape Lifter Brief: Review by Kit Wilde

Twitter star, Gay Porn Actor, XXX Model and most importantly, Clonezone friend Kit Wilde has reviewed the Jack Adams Shape Lifter Brief which is available at Clonezone.

We’ll let him take it away:

If, like me, your bottom is more “flat as a pancake” and less “park your bike in and rest your pint on” these are the briefs for you! The Shape Lifter Brief does, well it does what it says – it shapes and lifts, not only your bulge oh no but also your behind for a gorgeous, supported look.


I mean, it’s brilliant, these are my go to briefs for when i’m wearing smart grey trousers (especially at work) my arse looks small and pert and ready for mating, trust me it’s all the underwear! however if like me you’re also a bit of a show off might I suggest some skinny fit grey joggers? Your bulge and bum are cupped and lifted in a way that draws the eye, should they be after cock or ass, in these undies you’re giving both!


This vibrant electric blue is contrasted with soft black elastic that supports your goodies. and also available in Black and Red in Small, Medium and Large, made from 95% cotton and 5% Elastane these are a super comfortable underwear. As with any good underwear though when it comes to washing they are machine washable but please PLEASE do not wash any of your underwear higher than 30 degrees!

Seriously anything higher and you risk warping the fabric, fading the colour or the underwear starting to fall apart. so remember a low-temperature wash means you get hot underwear for longer! so keeping it low keeps you hot…simple.

Thanks, Kit – We love you!.

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  1. John Dixon

    Great review, just a pitybtheres no back view . But that bulge says it all for me xx


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