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Clonezone meets LATEX genius William WILDE – A quick Q&A

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Introducing WILLIAM WILDE. Clonezone‘s new exciting range of gorgeous, XXX inspired men’s latex underwear designed and made by William Wilde. We have been excited about William Wilde‘s designs arriving at Clonezone for MONTHS and they are now ready to be worn by YOU. Which style will you rock?

We sat down to have a chat with William about his gorgeous latex brand.

You’ve dressed lots of exciting celebrities in the past, who was the one who took you by surprise? Do you remember where you were when you first found out?

I think Kylie was the biggest surprise and such a huge delight as I’m a MASSIVE fan, it was Valentine’s Day and I had been out ‘celebrating’ with other single friends, it was about 3am and I got tagged in a post on twitter, I couldn’t believe it and only just about managed to successfully spell my excitement in reply. About a week later she wore a dress of mine to the Brits and that almost pushed me over the edge.

Who is the ‘dream person’ you want to dress and what would you put them in?

Kylie was a dream come true, and I think the pieces she chose were all perfect for her, my 9 year old self would literally have died. I LOVED dressing Lady GaGa! I’m a huge Madonna fan too and that would also blow my mind. Joan Collins would be a delight! Some of my great inspirations like Liz Taylor, Betty Page, and Marilyn Monroe are unfortunately not a reality but in another world I think dressing them would be brilliant!!

Kylie Minogue in William Wilde

Lady Gaga in William Wilde

You are known for your exquisite women wear. What made you want to make menswear?

To be honest, when I first thought that the collection could be called William Wilde Does Boys, I just had to do it, the look of it all fell into place after that. My Menswear is much more immediate than my Womenswear, and I like that, because so far it’s just underwear. It’s fun and sexy and I enjoy doing it, Womenswear collections take up a totally different part of my brain.

How do you feel about working alongside Clonezone?

I’m very excited! Clonezone is a really well established and renound brand. In this market I think they are top of their game and I can’t think of a better place to carry my menswear!

Is all of your product made in the UK?

Yes! Everything I produce is hand made in my studio in London, England. I’m really proud of that, it feels right for the way my brand should work.

William with one of his gorgeous female models, modelling his womenswear range.

William with one of his gorgeous female models, modelling his womenswear range.

Who/what inspires your menswear designs?

I guess it’s a lot to do with what I find sexy. It’s always important to me to strive to create something that I feel is new and previously unseen, I hope, aside from some of the staple colours, I have managed to do that with my menswear. I like blurring camp with very macho imagery, just because it’s fun!

We already have famous UK Porn stars after your underwear. Are you excited to see a new type of William Wilde customer?

Yes definitely! The vision that I have for my menswear and the one that I have for my womenswear are quite different, and yet I think they work alongside each other really nicely. I would LOVE to see William Wilde become a big name in men’s underwear!

We love the way you blend fetish and fashion. What drove you to begin making latex clothing?

I actually just fell into it whilst clambering to get away from working at the boring end of high street fashion. I ran from that, (quickly), into designing fetish wear, as soon as I started to work with latex I found so many possibilities for new ideas; it was really invigorating and inspired a style that I found worked really well with the style I had already been fond of, which I think was somewhere between 50’s Dior and 80’s call girl. It’s very different from working with fabric and I think the challenges thrown up because of that make the results really interesting.

What advice would you give to someone who was apprehensive about wearing latex?

Just Do It! Everyone I have ever known to try on latex for the first time is always really surprised at how good it feels, it’s really not scary at all and looks completely unique.

What’s the big dream with the William Wilde brand?

Well there is no limit really, I always wanted to have a label that was like a wardrobe for a character, something glamorous for every occasion, like a dolls wardrobe, I love all areas of clothing and would like to do as much as possible with it. We’ll see what unfolds, if all else fails I’m very happy just being able to produce what I love and have an audience, of whatever size, who appreciate it.

YOU can browse the beautiful William Wilde range of luxurious mens latexwear at Clonezone by clicking HERE.

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