Clonezone’s Movie Crushes

You know when you watch a movie, and find yourself absolutely besotted with one of the characters? You hardly even pay attention to the dialect, as you’re FAR too distracted by their high cheekbones and bulging biceps. Yep, you know … Continued

Guilty Pleasures: Celebs we can’t resist.

In the Clonezone office, we have been discussing our ‘Guilty Pleasures’. You know, those sports stars and celebrities you really fancy that gross everyone else out. We have anonymously compiled a list of our ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and are encouraging our … Continued

Marketing UGANDA to gay travellers

It’s understandable why a gay traveller would have absolutely no interest in visiting Uganda as a tourist. The parliament of Uganada passed the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 (nicknamed the “Kill the Gays bill” by the western media) but this has … Continued