Butt Plugs, Dildos and Anal Vibrators: A Beginners Guide

We understand sometimes it can be a little embarrassing classifying yourself as a ‘beginner’, especially if you’ve been sexually active for years. At Clonezone, we believe that when using sex toys for the first time you should always consider yourself a beginner. This is the best way to approach using most of our unique (hand-selected) pleasure devices.

Here we will give you examples of toys in our HUGE range that are suitable to be used for ‘first time players’. You’re at an exciting point with sex toys now and soon you’ll learn what you like, what you don’t and what you’d (perhaps) like to introduce into playtime with your other half now or in the future. This is just the beginning!

  • First things first with toys – You’ll need a good lube. And lots of it. For use with toys we recommend a good WATER BASED lube that you like. Some of our best sellers are ID Glide, Liquid Silk and Pjur Aqua. Most toys are not to be used with silicone or oil based lube (We will ALWAYS specify otherwise in the products description at Clonezone.co.uk).
  • Set up a comfortable environment for your first play. Have a nice bath, relax on your bed (lock the door, so your nosey house mates don’t walk in – yeah, we’ve all been there), put on some music if you share your home and have a play with the toy before using it. The materials our toys are made of can be very appealing. Have a squeeze, a sniff, a chew (just me?) and get familiar with its shape and texture.
  • If you’re playing with an anal toy, we recommend using plenty of lube and to consider douching (for comfort AND hygiene sake). This way you can play ‘worry free’. You can read the CZ Guide to douching here. Douching also helps to ‘relax’ your hole before playing. Especially if you use one of our bulb douches with warm water
  • Haven’t tried anal play before? Allow yourself lots of time and make sure you are comfortable. It sounds gross but a good way to ‘accept’ a toy anally, is to push your anus gently out as if you were going to the toilet. This relaxes your hole and the internal muscles, making insertion MUCH easier.

Butt Plugs


Butt Plugs are the quintessential gay men’s sex toy and have been international best-sellers since the 1970’s. Butt Plugs serve different purposes depending on what you want your plug for. They are worn for a ‘full’ sensation anally, whether this be during masturbation or not – some men wear their plugs out. They relax and prepare your anus for anal penetration. If you have a ‘session’ later and want to make sure your hole is ready, wear your plug for a while beforehand with plenty of lube for easier play.

As with all anal toys, we recommend starting SMALL. Just because a toy might look tiny… it doesn’t mean it will FEEL tiny. Lot’s of anal toys have girth’s wider than the biggest porn star dick out there so make sure you read the measurements. The tapered shape makes taking large girth easier, but this doesn’t mean that you should jump into purchasing a large plug. We do butt plug KITS which give you the option of a Small, Medium AND Large, so that you can gradually go bigger. A good example is the Colt Anal Trainer Kit.

We recommend the following beginners butt plugs: Anal Fantasy Small Plug, Clear Stone Petite Plug and the world famous Doc Johnson plug in either SMALL or MEDIUM. Lube yourself and the plug and insert slowly, the smooth material and tapered shape assures easy insertion and a fantastic ‘filling’ sensation. We don’t recommend anything above a size Medium for a beginner.



Dildos have always been popular at Clonezone and always will be. They’re probably THE most recognisable adult toy out there. Dildos are often molded on real cocks or designed to have realistic detailing such as foreskin, penis head, veins etc. Each of these factors effect how the dildo feels during play. We stock a huge range of dildos with different lengths, girths and detailing.

Most people will look at a toy’s length and use that as the deciding factor but we have to re-iterate the importance of the toys GIRTH. Again – start small. Stick to something with a length of 6 inches or under at first. Pay attention to the toys texture too, as many are designed to feel firm like a real erect penis. A very textured dildo is not recommended for beginners, neither is a very veined dildo.

We recommend the following beginners anal dildos: Titus 5 inch Diamond Dong or the 6 inch Anal Boomser


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Vibrators are sensual pleasure devices which deliver unique sensations both internally and externally. These fun toys can be used for penetration, massage and for body worship. We are very selective when it comes to what vibrators we will stock at Clonezone, as the strength and durability of the vibration is very important. Vibrators can be especially fun for anal penetration. When inside, they deliver that famous vibrating tingle which can be used to take advantage of your most sensitive spots. They are exciting toys for beginners and the smooth vibrators are especially recommended (with lots of water based lube).

Never insert a smooth vibrator entirely. Keep your hands clean from lube so you can keep a grip on the vibrator control base.

Vibrators that we would recommend for beginners are Precious Gunmetal 6.75 inch Vibrator or also the 6 inch White Boomser. We would most probably recommend to START with the smooth battery powered vibrator and move onto the vibrating dildo when you are comfortable with the sensations.


We understand that lot’s of CZ customers like to share toys with their partners – it’s fun, I get it (I do it too!) But we have to recommend that you USE CONDOMS on the toys when sharing. This just reduces the risk of any nasty surprises rearing their heads in the future. Treat your toy with the care you would your willy – wrap it up and KEEP IT SAFE!

Remember, every person is different so these recommendations come from personal experience and customer feedback. If you have any questions about ANY of our products, you can reach us by email ([email protected]) or on our customer services line 0800 783 7953. Don’t be shy – it’s what we are here for!  

Feel free to share any advice YOU HAVE in our comments section.

We welcome your advice (and pictures *hint hint*)

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