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Brand Focus: NASTY PIG Fetish & Fashion from NY to UK at Clonezone

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WHERE do we begin with Nasty Pig? This game-changing fashion brand was born in New York back in 1994 and has been a must-have label for gay men ever since. We simply HAD to have it in CZ stores.

Nasty Pig‘s influences are apparent in its unique designer pieces. NP has been inspired by fetish, the kink scene, the underworld of New York City and urban wear. It truly is a designer label. When you are looking at the pieces from a fashion and quality point-of-view, they are simply stunning. They are must-haves.


The KNOCKOUT Hoodie is a stand-out piece.

The KNOCKOUT Hoodie is a stand-out piece. Translating from day-to-night perfectly.


The 20+-year-old company proudly use the tagline “Clothing that will get you laid..” and we like it. The pieces scream SEX, even down to the casual wear. No detail is missed on these pieces; from uniquely stitched wrists, to look like bandages, through to reversible two-tone shorts that let your bulge bounce as you move.



They claim themselves to be an art project, a love story, and an expression of the Great American Dream. Their erotic romanticism translates through to their designs, as you almost feel that you’re playing a role as you wear the pieces. Whether it be ADV Rubbermaster” or rough-and-rugged KNOCKOUTboxer“. We love a range that inspires SEX and you can rest-assured that Nasty Pig has this DOWN.


“We’re two guys – Frederick Kearney and David Lauterstein – who founded a company and found a life together. And we’re the team they built to realize their vision.”


Nasty Pig hit the gay press recently when their stunning advert was played during the premiere of Ru Paul’s Drag Race on VH1. It’s the first time many viewers had seen Nasty Pig acknowledged in the mainstream, and we (at Clonezone) are super-excited to be associated with these trailblazers.



Nasty Pig’s designers are innovators who are influenced by hip-hop and gay culture, which has helped them to create sexy pieces with mass-appeal. At Clonezone, we are more than proud to bring Nasty Pig to the UK market. Browse the range and pick something gorgeous “that’ll get you laid.”


Chain Link // Bar

Chain Link // Bar Jockstraps and Briefs. Simple but unique. Bulge enhancing and supportive.


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