Brand Focus: Cell Block 13 LA Fetish & Fashion at Clonezone UK

At Clonezone; we believe in the importance of treating yourself to sexy underwear. Our friends from Los Angeles at Cell Block 13 focus on fetish-inspired sexy pieces for men with style and ‘colour coding’ in mind. Each piece feels like a treat. If you don’t know about the handkerchief code – get to know.

The CB13 range covers all of your gear needs from your toes to your shoulders. Cell Block 13 at Clonezone take into consideration how men live, play and relax in their fashions. Each vibrant piece is attention-grabbing and for the guy who isn’t afraid to show off how he looks, feels and what he is into. Let’s begin from the feet upwards, shall we?


Cell Block 13 LA: VERTIGO Sock
Cell Block 13 LA: VERTIGO Sock


These sexy knee-high socks come in Cell Block‘s signature colour coded shades. Perhaps you want to flag your kink without weighing yourself down with Leather? Wear with matching jock, harness and bicep straps for a full outfit. The VERTIGO Socks fit comfortably underneath boots, trainers and on their own.


  • Form-fitted and supportive with elasication.
  • Striped detailing at the back shapes your calves.
  • One size fit’s all.
  • Feel sexy on their own during sex.
  • Available in other colours.


Fetish shorts from Cell Block 13 at CZ
Fetish shorts from Cell Block 13 at CZ


The irresistible shorts from Cell Block 13 are durable, versatile and available in colour-options of your choice. Cell Block know all about what needs to be enhanced, what need’s to be supported and what looks good in fetish clubs, during sex and at Sportswear parties. The Fusion Short features a wet-look perforated pouch which carries your package, assuring your enhanced and comfortable.

Whilst the Xtreme Hybrid Short feature a built-in Perfect Fit cock ring. Seriously! They feature a built in cock ring. They are slightly more pricey but this is proven in their quality, design and unique features.


  • Bulge enhancement.
  • Rear zipper for easy-access.
  • Xtreme Hybrid features a cock ring and removable cod piece.
  • Soft, neoprene feel Spandex fabric
Cell Block 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness w/ Jock Armour Cockring
Cell Block 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness w/ Jock Armour Cockring


This incredible harness speaks for itself. Made from luxuriously soft spandex, it reaches comfortably around your shoulders, upper back, armpits, crossing down your stomach to a Perfect Fit cock ring that hugs your cock and balls tight. You can remove the C-Ring and wear the harness attached to your belt-loops.


  • Kink inspired colour-code design
  • Built-in custom PF Blend Jock Armour Cock Ring
  • Sexy blend of Nylon & Spandex with textured Neoprene detailing
  • Remove the cock ring and clip to your belt / jockstrap loops
  • Wide panel back for maximum support

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