Anal Douching with a Bulb Douche – A Clonezone Guide

At Clonezone, we are always answering questions about anal douching.

It’s an intimate subject that some find to be very embarrassing – because it crosses the boundaries of SEX and HYGIENE. There are lots of guys out there who can quite happily enjoy sex without douching, but there are also LOTS of guys who insist on it. It’s an intimate decision that should be respected.

Personally? I was forever telling me ex “No, no until I have douched”. I have (and probably always will) insist on it. That’s my personal preference, it doesn’t have to be yours (One of the great things about our sex lives – PREFERENCE).

The point of anal douching is simple: to clean the anal canal for embarrassment free penetration. To make sure that there isn’t ‘mess’ during play. It’s really that simple. Don’t be embarrassed about it.

These pliable, convenient douches are handheld are are used repetitively to clean. The soft ‘bulb’ will have a nozzle attached to the top, which is either screwed or popped off,opening the bulb for you to fill with water.

We recommend filling the bulb with Luke-warm water (Not too hot or cold – remember this is going to be squirted inside of you). Once you have filled the bulb to the top, push the nozzle back on – as you do this, some water will squirt out. This is good, you want it filled to the BRIM. NO GAPS. As this will just push air inside of you.

Now, grab your favourite lube and lubricant the entrance to your anus with your fingers as well as the douche nozzle. Once this is done, you are ready to douche. READY? Good.

Now, take a seat on the toilet. Slowly insert the nozzle inside your anus (if it feels uncomfortable, add more lube). Once its fully inside, give the base of the bulb a squeeze which will push the warm water inside of you. This will feel a mix of really nice, really weird and a bit “Oh my f*ck! Get it out of me now”.

Remove the nozzle slowly and clench. Try and hold the water inside for a while, this is easier than you’d think. When you’re really ready… release the water into the toilet. Keep an eye on how ‘clear’ the water your releasing is. I know this doesn’t sound glamorous, but it’s all part of the job. Now repeat. Keep repeating until you are happy with the waters clarity. Remembering to keep yourself and your douche nozzle lubricated.

What you get up to next is up to YOU! Nudge wink…

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