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10 Unique Men’s Sex Toys at Clonezone

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Men’s sex toys are usually pigeon-holed into a few sections; Fleshjack Masturbators Cock Rings, and Anal Toys. The wonderful thing about Clonezone is that we like to mix-it-up and give our customers access to the more mainstream product, as well as cater to guys that want more unusual sex toys, accessories, and BDSM products.

The Deluxe Leather SLEEP SACK


A sleep sack is designed for the ULTIMATE restriction. This sexy piece of total dominance was created originally in collaboration with our friends at Mr S Leather & Fetters USA. It’s a piece of art.

The luxurious leather sack unzips from the neckline to the tips of your toes. When you’re fully zipped into this heavy sack, and the laces are pulled tightly over the zipper, you are tightly squeezed evenly all over your body. These sacks are fully customisable, from inserting ‘tit flaps’, to shoulder suspenders, ankle suspenders and more.

Plus – you can safely be suspended upside down in this sack. Would you?

Click here to see the Deluxe Sleep Sack at Clonezone

➁  The SLUNG Weighted Ballstretcher

The SLUNG Ballstretcher from Oxballs is designed to stretch your nut sack… with weights. This ultra-stretchy toy (up to 3x its size, to be exact) squeezes your balls, pulling them away from your body.

As you can see from the very elegant images above, it includes 3 polished carabiners (the unusual looking D-ring things) for you to attach actual weights too. The rings allow the SLUNG to distribute weight evenly.

Why would people do that? some of you may ask. Well, there’s a few reasons. Over time, ball stretching will stretch the skin on your nuts, giving you bouncing pornstar balls. Pulling on your balls can help keep your shaft rock hard, intensify your orgasm, help your cum shoot and hell, sometimes people just wanna have a pull on their nuts.

Click here to see the SLUNG Weighted Ballstretcher at Clonezone

Puppy Hoods for Puppy Play 


Puppy Play has exploded over the past 3 years in the UK & Europe. The Puppy World is an inclusive and adventurous place for people to live out their fantasies, network with like-minded pups and in some cases, meet partner(s) with the same sexual interests as them. Not all Puppy Play is sexual, however.

The leading producer of Pup Hoods is Mr S Leather. The Mr S Neoprene Puppy Hoods have been best-sellers at Clonezone, since arriving with us in 2016. We have 12 colour options available, with more on the way from San Francisco. The Hoods are tailor made to fit different head sizes in sumptuous, hard-wearing neoprene.

Hoods aren’t the only Puppy Play products available at CZ. We have Titus Puppy Tail Butt Plugs, Paws Mitts, WOOF Muzzle and much more here. Belly rubs, anyone?

Click here to see the Mr S NEOPRENE Puppy Hoods at Clonezone

The FINGER FUCK Textured Glove 

FF Glove

The awesome pervs over at Oxballs, are always coming up with something that mixes kink and pleasure. The Finger Fuck Textured Glove is a testament to this. These super-stretchy sex-cessories come in a choice of either black or red. Each beefy finger hole has a unique texture on the outside to make the boys go wild.

Each fingertip delivers different sensation, which can be used induvidually… or  perhaps all together? The gloves fit easily and securely over your palms and fingers. Want to know more about fingering? Click here.

At Clonezone, we love a product that can appeal to all different types of players. These sexy gloves are ideal for pleasure seekers, BDSM enthusiasts, sensory-players and more. They’re as versatile as you, right? 

Click here to see the Oxballs Textured Finger Fuck Gloves at Clonezone

The Tadpole Electro Egg Anal Probe

The ’Tadpole’ is a new egg-shaped Stimulation electrode which is followed by a flaccid silicone tail – making it extra easy for use. And yes, you read that correctly, it’s an electrode. This hot anal toy gives out electronically (and erotically) charged pulsations that’ll drive your anal sensation points wild. The Tadpole was designed for those who are more adventurous and want to open their minds to new dimensions of anal pleasure.

This thin tail makes the Tadpole easy to use and the bulbous head makes sure it stretches you the perfect amount of delicious anal pleasure. Plus, the grip ribs make it easy for anal removal. This item is suitable for use with ElectraStim units. It’s powerful, tingling and stunning to look at. Do you want to feel a buzz?

Click here to see the Tadpole Electro Egg Anal Probe

Tunnel Butt Plugs


We know that some Clonezone customers like to stretch themselves to the ultimate limits of anal pleasure, so let us introduce you to our hand-selected range of tunnel plugs. They are slowly becoming one of our best-selling types of gay sex toys.

These intense anal play products are used as plugs but feature expertly designed ‘through holes’ so that you or your partner can access you deep inside. Whether you want to fuck through the tunnel, pour in a safe liquid (wink wink) or a sex-toy – you’ll find a tunnel plug in our extensive range of toys to suit your needs. What’s going in yours?

Click here to see our Tunnel Butt Plugs



It surprises me that people still find THE HAND shocking, as this toy has been in the sex-toy industry for decades now. Created by our friends over at Doc Johnson, this 16 Inch anal sex toy is molded on a real, peaked hand. With so much attention-to-detail that it’s a little… creepy. But in a good way.

The realistic material is firm but has enough give to be easy to use in solo or couple/group play. The realistic veins and skin detailing adds to the intensity of anal play with this fantastic gay sex toy. Give him a hand!

Click here to see The HAND at Clonezone

The SPARTA Prostate Stroking Probe


The SPARTA features a built-in ‘stroking’ motion at its tip. The anal toy is ergonomically shaped, to fit inside of your hole and rest perfectly on your prostate gland (aka ‘The Male G-Spot‘). When it’s in place, the button on the base controls this stroking-motion, delivering direct tingling strokes to your most sensitive internal spot.

The sleek, smooth material of Sparta make it an undeniably beautiful sex toy for men. Sparta delivers both satisfaction and cutting-edge design. This beautiful toy was inspired by sex toys that are focused on the female G-Spot, so Nexus wanted to bring this technology to men. Very nice of them, if you ask me. 

Click here to see the Nexus SPARTA Prostate Massager at Clonezone

The MUSCLE Nipple Pumping Kit

Muscle Nips

My first thought when I saw this toy was “Why do we have an oxygen kit?”, (and it honestly wouldn’t have surprised me if we had).. But, alas, we did not. This is the COLT Muscle Nipple Pump Kit. This pump set by the USA sex toy and porn powerhouse COLT has been designed to ‘wake up, energise and satisfy your nipples‘ by suction.

“Just plug your nips in, sit back and pump away!” – The easy-to-use set has been expertly made to be gentle on your intimate skin, lightweight and super-effective. Simply fix the clear cylinders to the skin around your nipples (use a little water-based or silicone lube, if your skin is sensitive) and begin to pump, by pulling the black trigger pull.

The result of nipple pumping is increased sensitivity, pleasure from suction and (with prolonged use) enlarged nipples.

Click here to see the COLT Muscle Nipple Pumping Kit at Clonezone

⑩  The WRIST to BALL Leather Restraint

Wrist to Ball rESTRAINT (1)

Squirm and struggle all you want… the leather wrapped around your wrists, and around your balls is keeping you from moving. The perfect accessory for your sub. The more you pull away the more you yank on your balls and the harder your dick gets. Everyone is a winner.

After locking your wrists & cock strap into place, you’ll be struggling to get out of them again. A Mr S Original design launched at IML in 2007, our Wrist-to-Ball Restraint has been completely reworked and is even better than ever. The beefy wrist restraints are linked together and can be used alone as handcuffs.

Click here to see the Mr S Leather WRIST to BALL Restraint

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